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Driving in the Rain

Video shot on a rainy day in Sweetwater, Texas… (IPhone6) 


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West Texas Skies

iPhone 6



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KINKY FRIEDMAN RANCH ROUND-UP ~ Echo Hill Ranch ~ Medina Texas


  • Kinky’s first Ranch Roundup, held on his private ranch last October, was labeled a huge success by all who were lucky enough to attend. Since then everyone has begged him to do it “one more time”. Well, the wait is over….Kinky has agreed to host another ranch roundup on June 13th, and this time his old friends Jerry Jeff Walker and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot will be performing too!  Just like last time, there will be only one late afternoon performance at Kinky Friedman’s private home, Echo Hill Ranch– the much storied ranch featured in his mystery novels. 

The event will feature:

  •  Dinner with Kinky – Echo Hill Ranch dinner served (included in ticket price)
  •  Guided tours of Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch  
  • Self-guided nature walks at Echo Hill Ranch                 
  • Music by Jerry Jeff Walker, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and Kinky Friedman with Little Jewford 

For more information – Link  http://kinkyfriedman.com/node/799

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Always a Texan at heart….




My hometown – Sweetwater, Texas
Sweetwater was aptly named because of its oasis of sweet water among other bitter gypsum streams. The area was known as Mobeetie by the Kiowa Indians, the word meaning sweet water. Due to the good water, many different groups called the area home. At the time Sweetwater was named the county seat, on 12 April 1881, it didn’t even exist as a real town. But that lack was rectified with growth coming as the railroad came to town. Sweetwater was incorporated in 1902.
When I was three years old my Mother took me to see Elvis Presley at the Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of the event. My Mother did though, and she sometimes reminded me that I wouldn’t sit still and all I wanted to do throughout the show was have her run me back and forth the bathroom causing her to miss precious moments of Elvis’ live performance…!


Elvis article from the Sweetwater Reporter








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Kinky Friedman ~ Las Vegas Book Signing “How to Unscrew a Screwed-up World”

A Las Vegas Evening with Kinky Friedman: What Would Kinky Do?
Kinky Friedman – infamous country music legend, New York Times bestselling author, politician and man-about-Texas.

My daughter and I went to see Kinky Friedman at the Clark County Library Theater tonight where he was promoting his new book ‘How to Unscrew a Screwed-up World”.  The lecture/talk/narration was great as always and it was a thrill to meet Kinky in person.  Luckily Stacie was able to get a photo for me with her iPhone (click image to enlarge).

Kinky’s a superb speaker who can get his point across with a straight-forward common sense approach – not to mention his wonderful notorious sense of humor that I love.  There’s talk that he may consider performing in Las Vegas in the not too distant future.  He’ll no doubt be a hit here in Las Vegas as the library was packed to the hilt tonight with not one seat left.  The theater holds over 500 and it was a full house.  (If you do play Vegas, Sunset Station Hotel and Casino (which is just down the road from me in Henderson) would be good, Kinky!)

The Gov’s got MY vote!  Looking forward to reading the book…

This book and MORE can be found at http://www.kinkyfriedmanstore.com/

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Why am I here, and how did I get here? Vegas, Baby…


 My first job in Las Vegas in the 70’s.  At work at the Lady Luck.    




Even after many years, I sometimes still have a difficult time believing I actually live here.  When I first moved to Las Vegas with my two year old daughter in the seventies, it was a dream place to live.  Nothing at all like what it has become today.  In my opinion, the unrestrained growth has pretty much completely destroyed this desert oasis. It doesn’t even remotely resemble the place where I landed almost thirty years ago.  Those in charge obviously haven’t heard of the ‘controlled growth’ concept which would have better served the community as a whole.

I have lived in different areas of the city of Las Vegas, but I’ve finally found the best spot of all in Henderson, Nevada which is just outside of Las Vegas.  I would highly recommend this Green Valley community to anyone who is planning to move here.  Places I’ve worked over the years – Clark County Personnel Department, Southwest Gas Corporation, State of Nevada, Southern Nevada College, Lady Luck Casino, Golden Gate Casino, Antech Diagnostics, Centerfold Casino…

I’ve taken a few breaks from Vegas and lived in Thousand Oaks, California where I worked for GTE and even went back to my hometown in Texas for a few years.   But here I am again (4 yrs), probably to stay.  I’ve always heard that after you have lived here, you’ll always come back eventually. 

Not to say that Las Vegas doesn’t still have some good things to offer.  It you stay on the outskirts of the major tourism areas, there are some good things to do and see here.  Guess I just miss the old days when you could drive anywhere or completely across the valley with ease.  Although I was born and raised in a small Texas town, I’ve gotten used to the big city bustle.  But I still am totally drawn to a more rural setting with lots of greenery, trees and just more serenity in general.  A cabin in the mountains sure sounds nice…with a cool breeze, deer roaming around, a fireplace, a garden, etc….. dream on.

Here are a couple of LAS VEGAS links. The second one shows a current real time weather map.

Links:  http://wikitravel.org/en/Las_Vegas

Current Weather/Extended Forecast – http://www.neondesertweather.com/


Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as Hawaii’s Ninth Island. The city is home to the first ABC Stores branch outside of the state of Hawaii.



In December 2007, Clark County officially declared the population now exceeds 2 million residents. Current estimates place growth at 3 million people by 2019, and 4 million people by 2025. 

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