LINK to my current auctions –

Ebay ID – sweetcottagecharm


5 responses to “My EBAY AUCTIONS

  1. joe

    Hi there-I was just wondering how much’s the pen gun worth? I have a exact same one(-bullets) do you know anything about it? Thank you.

    • judegreen52

      Sorry, but I don’t have info regarding value. Just added the link as I thought these were interesting pieces…. 🙂

  2. sharon yates

    I have found an old painting, signed Judy Green 1958. Thought I would look the artist up and found you. I am in the US. Were you painting landscapes in 1958? Could this be yours? Thanks.

    • judegreen52

      Thanks for your comment… I wish I could say that I have some fabulous paintings floating around out there somewhere, but it’s not me…

  3. Barbara

    I have a avant garde #11 John Lennon’s erotic lithographs, how much is it worth???

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