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Mother’s Day is May 9 ~~~ A Tribute to my Mother

*I initially posted this tribute a few years back.  In honor of Mother’s Day coming up on May 9, I’m re-posting.  Miss you, Mom.

Thoughts about my Mom… If your Mother is living when you read this, enjoy the moments you have with her. My Mom passed away not long ago and left a huge gaping hole in our very small family. She truly was the ‘rock’ who was a positive influence in our lives. She was very young at heart and seeing her at 76, one would never guess her to be over about sixty years old.
My mother was in perpetual motion. Many times I expressed to her that I wished I had her energy. And this was when she was living with leukemia in a dormant stage. She was diagnosed fifteen years ago and yet was able to live life fully and exactly as she pleased until the very end. Although she could sometimes be soft at the edges, she was strong at the center.
Those who knew my mom always remember her for her zest for life, her great smile and her fun and gregarious personality. There wasn’t much that could get her down. Whatever the dilema, she’d simply shake it off and forge ahead.
Unbelievably, at seventy-six years old, she still worked FULL time on her feet with leukemia in the Cashier’s Cage at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. I also previously worked that job and I know from experience how hard and demanding the job is. Not only are you bombarded constantly by customers, but you’re also tossing around very heavy bags of coin while tripping over co-workers in the very small space. At her funeral, the casino owner spoke and said that her smile would just light up the whole room and he commented on how she so graciously interacted with the customers and other employees.
This is not to say that she wasn’t a firecracker with a very lively persona. She didn’t take any guff from anyone…. Looking back, I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t always runnin’ and gunnin’ and living life to the very fullest – while at the same time keeping her family and family needs and isssues as her number one priority.
Being an only child, I really miss her a lot. I know my daughter and grandson miss “Granny” too. So many little things you kind of take for granted at the time. But don’t… you just never know. My Mother worked all day just as usual on a Wednesday, and died the following Sunday. Her leukemia very suddenly went into what they call the blast phase.
Mother was born in Ashdown, Arkansas. She has a brother who passed away a few years back and a sister still living in Sweetwater, Texas.
Five Generations
One of my best memories was the time I threw a surprise birthday party for her.  She did so much for us – it was nice to treat her for a change….

We love and miss you, Mom.


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Mothers and Daughters

Here’s the post my daughter added to her “Lemonade Blog” last month on Mother’s Day. Thank you, Stacie…  Her Lemonade Blog page is at

Well, Mother’s Day is off to a rough start, but in honor of my mother, here is a little about her….
My mother had me at a very young age and raised me for the most part as a single mother.  She was very lucky in the men department though, and always had an admirer (or 2!!!) wanting to marry her!  It was almost ridiculous at how fast a man would want to marry my mom…I’m talking within a month of meeting her they were popping the question! I obviously didn’t inherit that trait from her.  🙂

Anyway, she always struggled to make ends meet, but managed somehow to feed my dreams of singing, dancing, playing the flute & piccolo, acting, etc by coming up with money to keep me in classes for all of my silly, lofty dreams.  I even managed to get Best Dressed at school in the 6th grade because she allowed me to charge up her credit card to get cute school clothes that year.

My mom is the funniest, smartest, most creative and quick-witted woman I have ever come across! She has kept me laughing throughout the years with her practical jokes and lightning fast sense of humor.  I’m thankful for everything that makes her unique and for all that she does for me and for Austin.

I love you Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom back then…Her High School Graduation Pic

My daughter Stacie


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Always a Texan at heart….




My hometown – Sweetwater, Texas
Sweetwater was aptly named because of its oasis of sweet water among other bitter gypsum streams. The area was known as Mobeetie by the Kiowa Indians, the word meaning sweet water. Due to the good water, many different groups called the area home. At the time Sweetwater was named the county seat, on 12 April 1881, it didn’t even exist as a real town. But that lack was rectified with growth coming as the railroad came to town. Sweetwater was incorporated in 1902.
When I was three years old my Mother took me to see Elvis Presley at the Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of the event. My Mother did though, and she sometimes reminded me that I wouldn’t sit still and all I wanted to do throughout the show was have her run me back and forth the bathroom causing her to miss precious moments of Elvis’ live performance…!


Elvis article from the Sweetwater Reporter







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Green Art

Green Art Web Page

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What’s that falling from the sky???

Finally, it looks like it’s going to rain this morning.  Rain here in the Las Vegas Valley is a rare occurence – I love it!  I’m hittin’ the couch with Kinky’s new book….”What Would Kinky Do? How to Unscrew a Screwed-up World”.  And what a fantastic book it is; I’m about half way through it so far.  Thanks Kinky, for a great read on a rainy Sunday!

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Life-sized People Sculptures ~ Gypsy and Granny Bella

A couple of my previous life-sized people sculptures.  5′ tall Gypsy shown above.  Hand sculpted from clay with padded body armature.  I had so much fun with Granny Bella below – people on the road sure did a double-take when she on occasion rode in the back of my truck sitting on a low chair facing the cars behind us!  She also sat out front and alone at a Texas swap meet with a fishing line attached to her rocking chair.  As unsuspecting souls approached, her chair would begin to rock.  Bella was a hit at that event and drew a crowd all day long.  One person would jump out of their skin when she moved, then they’d bring their spouse, friend or kids by to see their reactions.

Three of my unique “people” were sold to DAF Galleries in Tennessee and another one went to live with a buyer in California a couple of years ago.  Due to the large size and composition, they each traveled to their destination by Greyhound Bus…..(but they had to ride below in the cargo section!).

More of my previous sculptures and paintings can be found at

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Flickr Photography Link

More photos on my Flickr pages at

“The Girls”

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