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This petition is important because a three year old defenseless child was repeatedly and severely abused by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

Proof, including solid evidence, of repeated abuse by the male perpetrator has been presented to those in authority, along with sworn court testimony regarding his participation in the prolonged and severe abuse of a defenseless three year old little girl.

The mother was charged with first degree felony abuse of a child and has subsequently testified in court that her boyfriend (of only a few months) also abused her daughter.  She continually left her daughter alone with him day after day knowingthat he was abusing her in many horrific ways.  There are many photographs which were presented at the mother’s trial showing the multiple injuries that were inflicted on the child repeatedly.  The child was removed from the home in September 2013 and since then the boyfriend has not been questioned, interviewed or charged with abuse.

In addition to the abuse that the mother inflicted, when left alone with the abuser, the child was beaten with a belt by the boyfriend leaving deep welts and deep bruising.  During one beating, the child received a severe black eye when the boyfriend hit her in the eye with the belt.  If she cried after the beatings, she was made to drink hot sauce.

On several occasions, he locked her in the dark trunk of his car and in a dark closet for long periods of time.  He placed duct tape over her mouth if she cried. There is more and this information has all been presented to those in authority. Why has he not been interrogated, polygraphed – and why has he not been arrested?

Many, many visits, messages and phone calls have been made to those who could bring him to justice – from September 2013 to the present date (June 30, 2014).  And nothing has been done.  Nothing.

The child, who had to endure the pain and terror, was given a life sentence of having to live with them memories of what was done to her, and also of how her mother did nothing whatsoever to protect her.  She should not grow up remembering the horror she went through and realize that the co-abuser was not also held responsible or brought to justice.

It is my hope that a public outcry will bring better results and justice to a little girl who so deserves it…

Thank you for your suppport/signature.


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June 30, 2014 · 2:01 pm

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