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Rare Original Mid Century Print – Signed and numbered. Kenny Stabler – Raiders NFL

7/21/12 update:  SOLD
Just listed for auction is a spectacular vintage fine art NFL collectible from the mid century. Signed original print #16 of 2500. Rare portrait on stretched canvas featuring Raiders player #12. Although I’m not at all familiar with pro football players, I firmly believe the painting depicts Kenny Stabler (aka “The Snake”). Artist signed by Bob Davidson.
For more pics and details, see my Ebay Auction link at right… >>>


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Newly listed … Vintage Buffalo China featuring “The Masquers” graphic

update:  SOLD

Just listed a pair of vintage Buffalo China saucer plates.  Estimated circa 1940s.  Plates feature  a wonderful unique masquerade portrait graphic topped by THE MASQUERS contained in a scroll.

For more photos and details, see my Ebay Auction link at right….>>>

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Every Seven Years You Change

Interesting article compliments of The Neon Lounge at

Here’s a short excerpt…

35-42 years

From the thirty-fifth to the forty-second year, depending upon one’s personality and what one’s circumstances allow, one begins to feel a new restlessness. In some degree a desire to share whatever one has gained through life with others comes to the surface. Thus we find many successful business men building libraries, or aiding colleges and the arts at this period in their life. What has been developed or realised can be taken to greater subtlety during this period. This is almost like unfolding something, perhaps similar to the way a flower unfolds a bud that has been developing in earlier phases of its growth.

This is when we reassess the results of what we are doing externally in our life. Our relationships, careers, habits and the ways we interact are all put under scrutiny and modified or changed. It’s a time of facing up to what does and what doesn’t satisfy us.

You may reach heights or realisation and creativity not touched previously. The profound breakthrough of ones innate genius that emerges around this time will no doubt be expressed in some degree. However, whatever is attained or realised will be enlarged and synthesised in later periods.

42-49 years

In the next cycle from forty-two until forty-nine a major change usually takes place….”

Read the entire article at

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