Mother’s Day

Just received the sweetest Mother’s Day wish EVER from my beautiful daughter (below).  You’re the best, Stacie….

Happy Haute Mama Day

This Mother’s Day, Haute Shots & Hera Beauty would like to wish all of you beautiful Mommies a very Happy Mother’s Day! For all you do, from paying the bills, cleaning the messes and getting everyone out of the house on time, while wearing your stiletto heels- we salute you!

I would also like to honor my own Mother on this special day. Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who played the single most pivotal role in my life. A hard worker who spent most of her life just struggling to make the best life possible for her daughter, me. Thank you Mom for all you have done for me and our family. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me in spite of my many often silly dreams and my own struggles. Your belief in me helped me to believe in myself and grow into the woman I am today. I love you more than words can express Mom. You are still my Wonder Woman (Linda Carter style) – bubbling over with strength, beauty, love and grace. With love, your grateful daughter.

Stacie’s Haute Shots Boudoir Photography Link –


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