Caesars Palace Sighting


, originally uploaded by Judy Green Art Photography.

Image shot/processed with iPhone4.



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2 responses to “Caesars Palace Sighting

  1. I really like all the photos you’ve been posting with your Iphone… makes me want to buy one. Seeing your latest post, and being an employee of the hotel (and having this drilled into our heads during orientation), I thought you may like to know why there’s no apostrophe in “Caesars Palace.”
    It’s grammatically wrong, but more of a trademark now than anything.

    • judegreen52

      Thanks very much for your comment, Tyge! And also thanks for the heads up about the apostrophe! It’s gonna drive me crazy leaving the apostrophe out of Caesar-s but if that’s their trademark rule, I’ll oblige…. And regarding iPhones; I just upgraded to an iPhone4 and love it. Was very glad to have the added zoom feature last week. I very rarely took photos before I had my iPhone, but now…. 🙂

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