Top 10 Ridiculously Huge Handguns

Click the Equalizer link shown below for more info and some amazing photographs!

John Wayne

At some point during the 1970s some genius was under the impression that the .45 caliber Colt Peacemaker (John Wayne’s gun of choice) did not “have enough stopping power.” How anyone could arrive at this conclusion is beyond sane reasoning, given that discharging the standard .45 caliber load feels akin to slapping a brick wall. American engineering, however, devised a way to make this gun even larger and more powerful. Thus, the 45-70 load, originally developed for use in an infantry and/or “buffalo” rifle, was introduced into the sphere of modern day handguns.Equalizer, Top 10 Ridiculously Huge Handguns, Apr 2010

You should read the whole article.


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