This won’t last long at auction…see sweetcottagecharm EBAY link at right. 

 A very old antique chart / graph advertising collectible.   An ultra rare and very generously sized historical relic that nicely presents in graph form very interesting early U.S. economy facts, statistical information, detailed flow charts, etc. regarding Business Booms and Depressions from the time period of 1775 – 1944.

This fantastic authentic original old advertising collectible features additional detailed text under the chronological chart regarding:

– Postwar Periods

– National Income

– Postwar Plans

– Price Inflation

– Federal Debt

– Business Activity

Not only does this phenomenal piece offer a multitude of interesting data from a much earlier era, but also offers a spectacular presentation with excellent graphic content and nicely aged coloring.  Very large sized measuring just under four feet wide with framed dimensions of 46” wide, 10 ½” tall. 

A really exceptional old piece that will likely be of special interest to collectors of interesting old historical relics, antique Stock Market and early Democrat and Republican political memorabilia as well as collectors of unique old financial accounting and/or antique advertising displays.  “American Credit Indemnity Company of New York, Baltimore, Maryland. Guarantees Payment of your Accounts Receivables” is printed at bottom center.

Professionally framed in the original antique wood frame under glass with the original old aged nails holding the frame’s backing in place.  The piece is in great vintage condition throughout showing age with some expected paper yellowing and a couple of ubobtrusive water spots that are commensurate with advanced age.

Other highly detailed charted information includes:

 War – France and England – French Hostilities / 4 year Civil War / the Cotton Boom / 3 Year War 1812 / Commodity Price Index / Income at 677 Million / National Income / Stock Prices / Stock Market / Silver Campaign Depression — and much, much more.

Heading: Business Booms & Depressions since 1775.

Sub-heading includes:

George Washington (Federal), John Adams (Federal), Thomas Jefferson (Republican), James Madison (Republican), James Monroe (Republican), John Quincy Adams (Republican), Andrew Jackson (Democrat), Martin Van Buren (Democrat), Harrison (Whig), Tyler (Democrat), James Polk (Democrat), Taylor / Fillmore (Whig), Franklin Pierce (Democrat), James Buchanan (Democrat), Abraham Lincoln (Republican), Andrew Jackson (Democrat), Ulysses Grant (Republican), Rutherford Hayes (Republican), Garfield / Arthur (Republican), Grover Cleveland (Democrat), Benjamin Harrison (Republican), William McKinley (Republican), Theodore Roosevelt (Republican), William Taft (Republican), Woodrow Wilson (Democrat), W. G. Harding (Republican), Calvin Coolidge (Republican), Herbert Hoover (Republican), and Franklin Roosevelt (Democrat).


A tremendous authentic original for display for a business, a private office or the home – also very nice for the wall in a study in an ART DECO home.  This fabulous original early American antique relic will be gone in just a few days…dont’ miss it!

Started in 1893, American Credit Indemnity Company is the oldest insurer of this type in the world.  It writes approximately 70 percent of the business credit insurance in North America, covering more than $70 billion of annual sales. The company is licensed in all 50 U.S. states and in several Canadian provinces, and operates through offices located throughout the U.S. and Canada. In early 1997, ACI acquired Trade Indemnity Canada (a Euler affiliate), adding to its asset position and bolstering its already significant market leadership in North America.



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  2. Robert

    I was about to throw out a Booms and Depressions (1951 Edition) that I found amongst my grandfather/father’s memorabilia but was searching on line for it and came across your site. Mine looks remarkably similar to the one in your blog, except that it was a promotional vehicle for the Valley Camp Coal Company of Canada. I’m curious: Did yours sell?

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