Offered for auction at the Ebay link at right is a phenomenal signed original vintage print from the mid century.  Circa 1950s by artist, A. Gruerio.  With exquisite hand coloring, the painting features a young woman who is looking over one shoulder.  (PLEASE GO TO EBAY LINK TO SEE DETAILED TEXT AND ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS…)

Signed at lower right by renowned American artist, Anthony Gruerio.  More info about this legendary artist is shown below along with a list of Collectors of his works.

A beautifully simplistic piece.  An exceptional portrait rendering in its original old wood frame under glass.  In excellent vintage condition.  Framed dimensions 8” x 6”.  A divine piece for a serious art collection and an excellent authentic vintage addition for an ART DECO environment.  Also especially nice for display in a Mid Century Modern home on the wall – or when displayed on a small easel.

A rare early signed work of art by Gruerio.

About the artist:

Those who are collectors of the works of Anthony Gruerio, internationally recognized painter and portrait artist, may find him at work almost anywhere in the world when not in his Dallas studio or relaxing on his favorite island in Hawaii. Having built a wide following in such highly sophisticated art markets as New York City, the West Coast, and Hawaii, Mr. Gruerio continues to extend his reputation around the country and the world.Partial Listing of Commissions and Collectors of the Works of Anthony Gruerio:

Partial Listing of Collectors of the Works of Anthony Gruerio:

• Troy Aikman, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys
• Alfred and Libby Allred, Dallas
• Dr. Javiar Arena, Mexico City
• Major Lynn and Ritakay Baade, Ruidoso, NM
• Lucille Ball, Comedienne
• Jack Benny, Comedian
• Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic Orchestra
• Peter Brennan, Secretary of Labor
• David Brinkley and Chet Huntley, Newscasters
• Sandy Brook, Actress
• Will and Traci Brugge, Dallas
• William and Julie Buether, Chicago and Dallas
• Schnay Busch, Anheiser-Busch Corporation
• Robert and Ruth Carlisle, Carmel-by-the Sea
• Julius Casimir, VII, Fashion Designer, Tahiti
• Tony and Ellen Catelli, Philadelphia
• Everett and Celia Coon, Dallas
• Jim and Pat Crews, CEO Samaritan Foundation, Phoenix
• Bing Crosby, Actor/Singer
• Becky Damone, Houston
• Claude Dauphine, Entrepreneur, Paris, France
• Albert Decker, Actor
• Lt. Governor David Dewhurst • Tammy Dewhurst, Houston
• Nelson Doi, Lt. Governor, State of Hawaii
• Andre Dubois, President, Bank of Tahiti
• President Dwight D. Elsenhower Family
• Scott and Lori Fairchild, Dallas
• Colonel Wells Field, Dallas
• Robert Finch, Presidential Advisor
• First Hawaiian Bank, Honolulu
• Ed and Shari Franza, Rockwall
• Janie Fricke, Country Singer
• Cynthia Gamboa, San Antonio
• Carl and Trisha, Gamboa, San Antonio
• Judy Garland, Actress/Singer
• Phillip and LeeAnn Gatlin, Fairhope, Alabama
• Julia and Tom Grace, San Antonio
• Michael Armand Hammer, CEO, Armand Hammer
• Bryan and Rebecca Hardeman, Austin
• Mickey and Renee Harrison, Dallas
• Hawaii Fine Arts Museum, The Governors Collection,
• Hawaii State Library
• Randall and Steve Hays, San Antonio
• Dr. Robert and Cinny Hicks, Valley Forge
• Dr. David and Dr. Kathy Hirschman, Corpus Christi
• Chinn Ho, International Financier/Developer, Hawaii
• Mark and Laura Hobbs, Las Vegas
• David and Libby Hunt, Dallas
• Lael Hurt, Cour de-Lene
• Kenneth and Jaye Huseman, Midland

• Don January, Professional Golfer, Dallas
• David and Mary Johnson, Memphis
• Dr. Edward and Judy Jones, Shreveport
• Don and Barbara Jordan, Houston
• Arthur Kaplan, Publisher
• Thomas Kelly, President, Medal of Honor Society
• Steven and Beth Kirkpatrick, Houston
• Dr. Chun Lam, Hong-Kong and Dallas
• John and Katherine Lee, Aspen
• Leon Leonard, Muscial Director, Wamer Brothers
• Leroy and Tandy Mitchell, Cinemark Theatres International,
• Jerry Lewis, Movie and Television Star
• Fred Livingston, Developer, Honolulu
• Dr. Phillip LiVolsi, Philadelphia
• Jack and Marie Lord, Television Star, Honolulu
• Max Lowenhurst, Publisher
• David Mahoney, President, Avis Car Rental
• Amanda Martin, Houston
• William and Shirley Mclntyre, Dallas
• Robert McMahan, President NBC Colorado
• George Meany, Union Leader
• Margaret Mettert, Seattle, Edmonds
• John and Gracie Miller, Southlake
• Lanry and Sally Mills, Princeton
• Thomas and Laura Mudd, Houston
• Jim and Eleanor Pfirmann, San Antonio
• Billy and Robin Railsback, Rockwall
• Carl Reiner, Producer
• The Righteous Brothers
• Mark A. Robinson II, Financier, Honolulu
• William P. Rogers, Secretary of State
• The Shah of Iran
• John and Joy Silvi, Washington’s Crossing
• Harold and Annette Simmons, Dallas, Santa Barbara, Aspen
• Dr. Robert Smith, Dallas
• Richard and Jennifer Sparr, San Antonio
• The Tahara’a Hotel, Papeete, Tahiti
• Stephen and Debra Tholen, Houston
• Terry Thomas, Comedian, London
• Robert and Debbie Thomas, Dallas
• Dr. Thomas and Barbara Standford, Aspen and Durango
• Peter Ustinov, Actor
• Floyd Wafkins, Aspen
• Irv Weled, Theatrical Producer, Maui, Hawaii
• Richard and Suzi Welfelt, Dallas
• Grainger Weston, San Antonio
• Gerald White, Creative Director, Grey Advertising
• Michael and Francie Willis, Houston
• Norman and Janice Winton, Dallas
• Robert Witthans, Honolulu
• Wilfried Zimmerman, Greenwich, CT




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  1. ann hamilton

    I have never heard of the artist but I happened to look at the signiture on apainting I have and thought I would look him up on the internet.One is of a boy holding a butterfly and a butterfly flying around him and is signed A.Gruerio and the other is of a girl with a hat on holding a bouquet (side profile) and a butterfly in front of her – both portraits are on some kind of black wood. I know nothing about the artist.

    • Will Tesch

      I also have this same painting with his signature. Did you ever discover how much it might be worth? I received mine from my grandfather’s estate. He was in New York throughout the 30s – 60s. I think he knew the artist.

      • judegreen52

        Hello Will and thank you for your comment. The piece I sold on Ebay was just a print and sold for a very nominal amount. How wonderful that your grandfather actually knew Mr. Gruerio personally! His work is divine…

    • ashley jeffers

      i just picked these up from an antique shop and reminded me of my children. just curious about them and havent found much on it.

      • judegreen52

        I had a hard time also gathering any info about the print and artist. Not sure why there’s not much info on the internet and/or elsewhere…good luck with your search and thanks for your comment!

  2. Lori

    I have a pencil by Anthony Gruerio and I’m trying to find out what it might be worth. It is a a lady from the 70s, I believe. Poster size. Drawn in the style above. Do you know of a place that lists his work in New York? I don’t really no where to get advice on art. 🙂 Thanks.

    • judegreen52

      Hello, and thank you for your comment. I researched the small print that I sold on Ebay on the internet with a basic search for this artist. There are several sites that might be helpful – along with their contact info.

  3. frank

    I have a 7×9 litho by Anthony Gruerio that’s titled “Old Europe” no.50-0010. Any idea what it’s worth? Thanks

  4. frank

    sorry that’s no. 50-0110

  5. Jeantte Garcia

    I bought an ecth painting of JF Kennedy it has a copyright symbol and 1963 on it and signed, also it is typed at the botthem his famous quote “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.

    Any idea if is worth anything?

  6. Crystal Fenton

    I have a picture of JFK that Gruerio did in 1963, is it worth anything?

  7. Garry

    i have a peice of artwork from this artist is shows a well with flower arrangement is from of it the picture is in perfect shape but the frame glass has 2 small cracks accross the corner. The reason i mention this is the glass frame is coloured around the border and it is not just a clear glass if interested please reply

  8. Pete Gonsalves

    I knew Anthony while he lived here in Honolulu in the early 80’s, back then we used to have breakfast together frequently at the Ilikai Hotel Coffee Shop, he lived in an apartment next to the Ilikai… he was a true gentleman. Lost touch with him when he moved to Texas and was very saddened when I learned of his passing 2 years ago. For those who don’t know about the Hokule’a, just google the name. In 1980 the Polynesian Voyaging Society selected Anthony as the official artist for the voyage of the Hokule’a to Tahiti. Later in the year he had a one-man show at Center Art Gallery in Waikiki for the 40+ originals that made up ‘The Hokule’a Collection’.

    • judegreen52

      Thanks so very much for your wonderful comment about Anthony Gruerio. Very interesting and informative…

    • I have an original of his that is of a young girl doing the hula that my grandmother gave me when I was very young. It was recently damaged in a flood and trying to find a value for it is proving to be quite difficult.

  9. Keanuenue

    I have just been given 4 AGruerio Lithograph “Artist Proofs”. I have never seen any of his work quite like these. One is Queen Lili’uokalani, another a Paniolo, another a hula girl, and the last a Tahiitian looking woman. I am curious about the time frame of these as they seem very old. They were given to my friends father, who was a good friend of the artist. Anyone able to date these?

  10. Monica Laplante

    Was he ever in Toronto, Canada as I have , looks like a watercolor of early 1900 of of homes and people in the street. and not looking to sell it, just would like to know, and I got this picture in 1974, 1975, 1976 or 1977,and it was in the spring of one those years.

  11. w farris

    I have two prints of train stations. They were given to me by an elderly person in my church. One says Maple on the station and one says Pine on the station. On the back they say “Wedgefield Pictures”. The name a. Gruerio is on the picture itself.

  12. Juanit Renteria

    I have a picture drawn in pencil by A, Guerio it kind of looks like the girl in the vintage picture at the top of this page. the girl looks like an actress named Jill Clayburn. Could you give me some information on this. Thanks

  13. Don C

    Can anyone recommend a method / resource for getting a sketch authenticated?
    I have a print that I picked up 15+ years ago at a thrift shop … I fell in love with the the subjects haunting eyes! It is about 18×24″ and appears to be a pencil type sketch.
    I live in Illinois
    It is similar to this one except a full frontal view.

    Thank you for any information or suggestions

  14. Katie

    I found a small of the same print as the one above at an estate sale. While I was able to find some info about the artist online, I have not seen any info on this particular image. Any idea about when this print was made? What the name of the image is (mine has no title anywhere) or any other information? Just curious!

  15. TyroneLockhart

    I have a print that’s 7*9 as well old either Europe or might be France with people talk in the square

  16. Susan Sinnett

    I also have found this picture at a thrift shop and wondered if there is a way to determine if it is a print or original?

  17. BB

    Found in my attic today a framed drawing of President Eisenhower, signed & dated 10-6-65. Is there any info out there?? Please contact me!

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