Old Vintage HERMES ROCKET TYPEWRITER with Case ~ Made in Switzerland


A great and rare vintage find – a fabulous old Hermes Rocket typewriter from the mid century.  Circa 1950’s-60’s.  A superb early typewriter collectible made in Switzerland.  Original hard-shell case.  (For info and lots more photos, go to the sweetcottagecharm Ebay link at right…)

A superb vintage typewriter addition for a collection and/or for use and display.

Hermes typewriters were designed in Switzerland, home of precision engineering; and they were built with all the Swiss passion for moving mechanisms and solid craftsmanship.
The Rocket is a direct descendent of the Hermes Baby, the original subcompact portable typewriter.  Really, very little about it had changed across 30 years.  The Baby/Rocket was so popular that Hermes licensed its designs to many other manufacturers.  Subsequently, you can find very similar-looking typewriters under a host of names. I n the 1960s, Smith-Corona bought out the British Typewriters Ltd factory which had manufactured Rockets under license for Hermes.  Smith-Corona used up the standing inventory of parts by re-labeling the machine as the Smith-Corona Empire.   They weren’t many of those made, and they are of high interest to collectors as a transitional artifact. 



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