A must-have for the MAN CAVE…! Too cool.



What a great idea. This is a sofa which as a pool table built into it hideabed style.    

Okay, actually, it’s a snooker table, but still.   What an ideal addition to an apartment/mancave.   According to Craziest Gadgets the couch is about 6 foot long and apparently, it’s quite popular in the UK where they’re fairly cheap.


Made as a joint venture from Pierce Upholsterers and Accrington and Riley – makers of fine British pool tables, and was produced in the 70’s.   It’s made of a neutral brown dralon fabric and when opens it flips into a pool table with adjustable leveling feet to make it level. What a fantastic idea which was decades ahead of it’s time.   It probably didn’t do too well because manufacturing it would’ve been costly without a computer/motion controlled assembly line.   But with the advent of not only computers for design and manufacture, this piece could easily make a resurgence. And why stop there? Imagine a sofa with built in ping pong table, air hockey table, poker table!

As I said, this bad boy has “man cave” written all over it.   Currently for bid at eBay.UK at about $200 US but it’s sure to go well north of that.

“Antique” Sofa has a hide-a-bed style pool table built in » Coolest Gadgets



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2 responses to “A must-have for the MAN CAVE…! Too cool.

  1. That is so funny! I’d better not show my hubby. Does it come with balls?

  2. judegreen52

    Pretty wild!

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