Newly listed – a charming vintage ballerina painting.   This is a large-sized and stunning original print on artist fiberboard.  Signed by the artist, Cherie.

A beautiful early rendering with a complimentary and dramatic black background.  The painting is secured in its original, nicely detailed solid wood frame.  Estimated circa 1940’s.  For more pics and details, go to My Current Ebay Auction shown at right…. —->

(update:  SOLD)





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  1. Janet Bernosky

    I was doing research on ballerina art by “Cherie” and found your post from 8/09. Can you please tell me how much you got for your wonderful painting? I have one that I picked up at a flea market that I am taking to an antique show next week and would love to know more about what the value might be for pricing purposes. Thanks! janet

    • judegreen52

      Hello Janet – and thank you for your comment! The ballerina painting I have didn’t sell in the auction. It was listed with a starting bid of $39. Good luck with yours!

      • Chelsea

        Hi, My grandmother has a ballerina painting signed by Cherie. To her knowledge it as at least 60-70 years old. I was looking into ballerina paintings by Cherie and I saw this. Her painting looks like the same style as this one. How did you find out it is from the 1940’s? Do you know anything about the artist?

      • judegreen52

        Thank you for your comment. This was an estate item and unfortunately I’m not familiar with the artist. I was told when purchasing that it was from the early mid century.

  2. have an oil painting, looks original, black back round one ballerina,with male behind her,posed in dance mode, three other ballerinas on right side ,one sitting, other two crouched, glitter, on dresses and jewelery.beautiful,

  3. polly

    Looking for information on cherie ballerina painting with 4 women and a man dancing. Thanks for taking time to look.

  4. Purchased a picture of a single ballerina, in a black background. Signed Cherie. On the back of the painting, it has Franklin picture 6402, Any clue as to the value of this painting?

  5. I recently came across a painting signed by Cherie with the black background, male/female ballerinas on the left and three female ballerinas, one seated on the right. My grandfather had this hanging in his home for many years. Not sure where he got it from. Is there any more info on this painting?

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