Crowning Glory… Sell your long hair – Donate the money!


Wow, one girl sold her tresses for over $2000!!!  I’ve heard of donating your hair – but never actually outright selling it….

Times are tough… Here’s an excerpt from ABC News Report:

“…So tough that the Internet site is now receiving a staggering 1,000 inquiries every day.   The number of women who want to sell their hair has doubled in three months.

“We’ve been experiencing a tremendous growth,” Elsie said.

According to Elsie, one client was able to make more than $3,500 for her hair.

They will contact the seller and say ‘I’m looking for 20 inches and this is what I need — I need the hair cut gathered in a pony tail,'” she said.

The hair often goes toward creating fashionable long hair extensions.

ABC link’s

The Hair Trader link

Think I’ll keep my tresses for a little while longer though…



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6 responses to “Crowning Glory… Sell your long hair – Donate the money!

  1. eroticdvd

    great site, load of really usefull info, keep it going

  2. Very cool to see articles like this. I am a rep for a major hair extension company ( We have a strict fair price policy on sourcing hair. We once paid US$3500 for a purpose grown head of hair for transformation into a hair piece for a lady who was undergoing Chemotherapy…

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