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Now a Ghost Town ~ Santa Claus, Arizona

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An old photograph of my childhood visit to Santa Claus, Arizona – now a ghost town.

Santa Claus is a desert ghost town in Mohave County, Arizona. It lies along Highway 93 between Kingman, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

This real place appears in a fictional short story by famed science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein called “Cliff and the Calories’ (1950 Teen Institute, Inc.) and was reprinted in his 1980’s book “Expanded Universe” (Ace Science Fiction). He describes a diet-shattering gourmet feast served by Mrs. Claus (in reality Mrs. Douglas, who ran the place in the 1940’s).

By the 1970’s, it had become a fast food joint and somewhere before the 1990’s, it had shut down and disappeared from printed maps.



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Ted’s Arrival in Nevada

Ted’s here!  He arrived here yesterday from Lubbock.  This photo was taken as he arrived at McCarran International Airport.   It sure was good to see him when he came down that escalator…

McCarran International – Saturday – took a photo while waiting for Ted’s plane to land.

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“Just give me those danged car keys and no one gets hurt…’


I sure packed light in those days…  

…got everything I need –  my suitcase, my wristwatch and my baton.

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Nigerian Scam – Fraudulent Emails / Money Transfer – CON ARTIST

Lucky me.  I received the message below today.  Jerk.  Now they’re invading our blog pages with comments.  Looked up the message location origin – Africa.  I figured it was likely from Nigeria.  Before I deleted, reported and spammed it, thought I’d share the address with the rest of the world.  I’m sure the next one will be regarding a request for a money transfer…  Here’s the message AND email address:

Hello Dear.
I  came across your profile  and  I will like us to have a  good relationship and to know much better my name is  Gift Nelson i am single and  never marriage.

I will wait for your reply . please contact me at this my  email address ( Gift10026@ ) so that i can send you my picture and more  about myself.  waiting to hear from you .

please i will be very happy if you can write me through this ( Gift10026 @ )i believe we shall definitely have reason to love each other ,lets take a chance for a chance because there is no harm in tries,i can only promise you of my love ,

with sweetest desiire.


The link below talks about all kinds of scams these people are instigating all over the world.  An excellent resource that also includes Secret Service contact information about reporting these fraudulent messages. 

The Secret Service asks that if you have been victimized by a Nigerian scam to forward any documentation to them at the Financial Crimes Division or by email. 

Here’s the link –

Other recommended contacts – The National Fraud Information Center and the Better Business Bureau.



If You Receive an Offer

If you’re tempted to respond to an offer, the FTC suggests you stop and ask yourself two important questions: Why would a perfect stranger pick you — also a perfect stranger — to share a fortune with, and why would you share your personal or business information, including your bank account numbers or your company letterhead, with someone you don’t know? And the U.S. Department of State cautions against traveling to the destination mentioned in the letters. According to State Department reports, people who have responded to these “advance-fee” solicitations have been beaten, subjected to threats and extortion, and in some cases, murdered.

If you receive an offer via email from someone claiming to need your help getting money out of Nigeria — or any other country, for that matter — forward it to the FTC at

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Quotes ~ Life and Living

No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.


What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.
Albert Pike

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Coffee, as a world commodity, is second only to oil.

The average annual coffee consumption of the American adult is 26.7 gallons, or over 400 cups.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is often regarded as the best coffee in the world.

Coffee was first known in Europe as Arabian Wine.

 Dark roasted coffees actually have LESS caffeine than medium roasts. The longer a coffee is roasted, the more caffeine burns off during the process.

 Hard Bean means the coffee was grown at an altitude above 5000 feet.

 Hawaii is the only state of the United States in which coffee is commercially grown.

 In 1727, as a result of seedlings smuggled from Paris, coffee plants first were cultivated in Brazil. Brazil is presently by far the world’s largest producer of coffee.

 In Japan, coffee shops are called Kissaten.

 In Sumatra, workers on coffee plantations gather the world’s most expensive coffee by following a gourmet marsupial who consumes only the choicest coffee beans. By picking through what he excretes, they obtain the world’s most expensive coffee -‘Kopi Luwak’, which sells for over $100 per pound.

 Italians do not drink espresso during meals. It is considered to be a separate event and is given its own time.

Japan ranks Number 3 in the world for coffee consumption.

Large doses of coffee can be lethal. Ten grams, or 100 cups over 4 hours, can kill the average human.

October 1st is the official Coffee Day in Japan.

Over 53 countries grow coffee worldwide, but all of them lie along the equator between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Raw coffee beans, soaked in water and spices, are chewed like candy in many parts of Africa.

Regular coffee drinkers have about one-third less asthma symptoms than those non-coffee drinkers. So says a Harvard researcher who studied 20,000 people.

Roasted coffee beans start to lose small amounts of flavor within two weeks. Ground coffee begins to lose its flavor in one hour. Brewed coffee and espresso begins to lose flavor within minutes.

Scandinavia has the world’s highest per capita annual coffee consumption, 26.4 pounds. Italy has an annual consumption per capita of only 10 pounds.

The average cup of coffee contains more than 1000 different chemical components, none of which is tasted in isolation but only as part of the overall flavor.

The French philosopher, Voltaire, reportedly drank fifty cups of coffee a day.

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of coffee, importing 16 to 20 million bags annually (2.5 million pounds), representing one-third of all coffee exported. More than half of the United States population consumes coffee. The typical coffee drinker has 3.4 cups of coffee per day. That translates into more than 450,000,000 cups of coffee daily.

There are about 30 milligrams of caffeine in the average chocolate bar, while a cup of coffee contains around 100 to 150 milligrams.

When a coffee seed is planted, it takes five years to yield consumable fruit.

After the decaffeinating process, processing companies no longer throw the caffeine away; they sell it to pharmaceutical companies.

A scientific report form the University of California found that the steam rising from a cup of coffee contains the same amounts of antioxidants as three oranges. The antioxidants are heterocyclic compounds which prevents cancer and heart disease. It’s good for you!

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Quantum Shot – The Smaller, The Deadlier ~ Miniature Firearms ~

Provided by Alan Trigger, from “Little Gun” collection in Belgium. At the website link below, check out the 1869, Brass Knuckle-Pistol Combo “Apache”.








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